"Winter in Berk lasts most of the year. It hangs on with both hands and won't let go. And the only real comforts against the cold are the those you keep close to your heart."

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I wish you were here, Autumn is the hardest season. The leaves are all falling And they’re falling like they’re falling in love with the ground And the trees are naked and lonely I keep trying to tell them New leaves will come around in the spring But you can’t tell trees those things, They’re like me they just stand there And don’t listen.

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Hiccstrid sharing melksherklkajsklfjg——- wip OTL


New BH6 footage!


#hiccup isn’t very amused #httyd #sdcc_masquerade

//squeals because oh my god his pouty bby face i’m die aklsjddkfjg


For this week, let me share some keys for one of two flashback moments from the movie :) Thank you!

My sister likes watching my computer screen in the reflection of our TV to see if I’m doing “naughty things” (or to humiliate me in what I’m drawing) so I have my screen like this for her everytime she looks

Anonymous wondered,

Balmy Chapter 1, a how to train your dragon fanfic | FanFiction

Help me omg okay this is like one of the best Eret/Hiccup err Trap n Ride uhhh Eretcup things I’ve ever read okay. I had my toe in this ship and now I’m sinking deep into it’s pool because of this FiC ALSKDjalksdad omg. Also bonus for awesome Hiccstrid and Awesome AwEsOMe Astrid ; )

I miss drawing dorks OTL dis is wip.


Guess who FINALLY got the chance to see How to train your Dragon 2 and still can’t get Toothless right