"Winter in Berk lasts most of the year. It hangs on with both hands and won't let go. And the only real comforts against the cold are the those you keep close to your heart."

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I wish you were here, Autumn is the hardest season. The leaves are all falling And they’re falling like they’re falling in love with the ground And the trees are naked and lonely I keep trying to tell them New leaves will come around in the spring But you can’t tell trees those things, They’re like me they just stand there And don’t listen.

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Amazing Spiderman AU! With Hiccup as Peter, Jack as Deadpool, Astrid as Gwen. Valka would be Richard Parker, and Stoick would probs be Uncle Ben with Gobber as Aunt May???


How to Train Your Dragon 2 wasn’t the first time Toothless almost unintentionally shot Hiccup.  When I see this scene of Toothless, frightened, running up to unconscious Hiccup, now I can’t help but catch a small glimpse of what it would have been like had Stoick not saved his son.


Look how she went from being impressed by his flight suit to being impressed by her son and how much he’s grown. Look at how she’s looks at him and places her hand on his face. And look at hiccup’s face in this scene. For his entire life, Hiccup believed his mother was dead, but here he is, right next to her, feeling a mother’s touch for the first time in his life. And here we have Valka, who carried 20 years of regret of leaving her family behind to protect these dragons, finding out how much alike his son is to her.

I teared up at this scene because it was so intimate and sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. Dreamworks does an amazing goddamn job of portraying and animating these facial expressions, as well as the music that goes with these scenes. *applauds*  

okay your actions are on you if you decide to download the unofficial digital copy of HTTYD2, but don’t freaking spread it online. posting it everywhere is going to encourage people to download it when you seriously could just wait a month for the official release. It’s such a slap to the face to DW who’s been so kind in giving us what they did before and after the movie came out. anyone who reads this is also free to report blogs posting pirated screencaps and gifs.

It’s probably best not to post screencaps or gif stuff from the HD torrent that was just released. If you see screencaps or gifs of clips that you know didn’t come from an official release, then don’t reblog it. Just wait until HTTYD2 is officially released digitally, it’s just a month a way guys come on.

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New BH6 footage!


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//squeals because oh my god his pouty bby face i’m die aklsjddkfjg


For this week, let me share some keys for one of two flashback moments from the movie :) Thank you!