"Winter in Berk lasts most of the year. It hangs on with both hands and won't let go. And the only real comforts against the cold are the those you keep close to your heart."

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I wish you were here, Autumn is the hardest season. The leaves are all falling And they’re falling like they’re falling in love with the ground And the trees are naked and lonely I keep trying to tell them New leaves will come around in the spring But you can’t tell trees those things, They’re like me they just stand there And don’t listen.

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happy damn easter


we be on that easter egg shit

happy 420 easter



I have to reboot this today!


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Anonymous wondered,
"Are you going to continue the Rise of the Guardians version of Frozen? The one where Elsa is Jack? I love it so much!! Are we also going to see a king Jack for a Frozen AU?"

AJDKWNKDLAF actually I was just discussing this with my Waifu. I guess yea you’ll see more ROTG AU for Frozen from me : ) and you’ll also see a Frozen AU for ROTG where Jack is Elsa. But jack isn’t gonna be Arrendelle royalty or anywhere near that but I have an interesting twist to add for the Frozen AU : )

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Anonymous wondered,
"I love the Wedding AU by the way! Any particular reason why Hiccup is the bride? I think it's very cute."


Well we debated this on Kohi’s stream once haha.

Apparently, it took a while for Stoick to give Jack and Hiccup his blessing to marry. Stoick didn’t let them off the hook easy and said “Well Hiccup has to wear white. I don’t know about you” *points to Jack* “but my son will marry as a virgin.”

Funny, because Jack and Hiccup have done the doo multiple times in a day since they started being physical before the proposal.

Long story short, the girls (Merida, Rapunzel, Astrid, Jack’s little sister) found out about Hiccup predicament and went crazy with his outfit arrangements, as self-proclaimed bridesmaids.

OMG Zach I saw u like this and I just remembered this again AHDKGLHLH

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tumblr friendships are hard to maintain like im sorry i know i havent talked to you in 5 months but you’re still super rad and i still consider us friends im just dumb


grow old with me

//clings to you


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